Saturday, June 7, 2014

C25K W7D1&2

Yes, I know I'm two posts behind.  I've had a busy week.... and if you're here for the photography, you'll need to look elsewhere today.


Did this on Wednesday. This was a pretty easy run for me.  I took a small break right at the halfway mark, I think just over a minute.  Beyond that, steady run.  It was nice.  I felt amazing after.  Later that night, I went to the gym again with my husband.  I did a very light cardio...on the arch climber.  Like I said before, that is a great workout.  I was BEAT after that.  Totally spent.  I think I may have fallen to sleep on the way home from the gym!  The next day, I was still tired.  I did only have to work a half day on Thursday, so it wasn't terrible.  My sister-in-law graduated high school on Thursday.... I ate way too much junk food, so I felt terrible all day Friday. Bleh.


So, I felt icky all day.  Hubby asked that I go to the gym with him when he gets off work, so I didn't go running until midnight.  After having junk food and feeling bad all day, this was NOT the easiest run.  I think I was probably lacking on some hydration.... Meh, so I did run most of it, but I did walk probably 5 or 6 minutes of it.  I will probably re-do this run.  I'm running again on Monday, so let's all hope it goes better than Friday.