Tuesday, May 13, 2014

C25K W5D1

So, this post was planned for yesterday, but I didn't even get to start my actual run (was still a minute left in the warm up) before is started raining.  There were nasty storms predicted, so I headed home, quick.

Before and after my failed run

Today, we had more rained planned, so I headed out as soon as I got home.  So, my last run, on Saturday, I wasn't able to run the whole thing.  Like I said before, I think it was partially the heat.  I didn't expect it to be so hot so early in the day.  So, I was very excited today that I was able to run the whole run time!! Granted, I wasn't going top speed or anything, but I made it.  

I was really pushing it for this run - not as hard as my terrible run a few weeks ago, but it was tough.  It is so humid right now.

Oh, and I saw 2 dead turtles.  One big one and one baby.  Made me a little sad.  *sigh*

Unrelated to running, my husband's grandmother got me a bento box - isn't it cute!?  I'll be taking my lunch to work in it.