Tuesday, May 27, 2014

C25K W6D1 - Running in a New Location

Hope you all had an AMAZING weekend.  Mine was great for the simple reason I wasn't working.  On the down side, I was in the car for 8 hours on the way to Oklahoma.  With my back issues (that I don't think I've addressed here.... future post, I suppose), being in the car more than about 20 minutes is KILLER.

Without any more delay, the details of my run....

So, I am visiting family in Small Town, Oklahoma.  It was a pretty exciting run, actually.  New town, almost getting lost, chasing off a barking dog....

I ran around the town for about half of the time, then I decided, after being chased by - and consequently chasing off - a barking pit bull, it may be safer to run around the tennis court at the elementary school.  I finished up my run there and then walked back home.  Thankfully, the dog didn't reappear.

The run was pretty easy, except me being all tense about the random stray dogs.  I ended up not really listening to my music on this run, since I really needed to pay attention to what was going on.  After running W5D3 twice, this run was cake.  The long run was only 8 minutes, which seems like almost nothing compared to the the 20 minute run last week.

I had planned on running on Monday, but I got home late and my back hurt.... so no run Monday.  Then, I planned on running today, but since my trip wasn't exactly planned - I found out I was leaving about 4:30, I got off work at 5:00, I left at 5:30 - I wasn't able to do any of my end of the week chores (shopping and such).  I complete all of that today, so no run today. Unless something really unfortunate happens tomorrow, like rain or something, I WILL be running tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!