Friday, May 16, 2014

C25K W5D2

Hey guys!  I had planned on posting yesterday, since I did run, but I got caught up in some family time and didn't make it to my computer before now.  Hope no one was waiting on pins and needles for me.....

So, the run.  I was actually mentally prepared to not be able to complete it.  I REALLY have to stop doing that.  Thinking you can make it is half the fight.  Even though I had prepared to not finish the run, I DID make it.  I ran the whole run part.  I am VERY proud of me.  One thing I think was holding me back is my music.  I had to re-sync my ipod to a new computer.  If you don't have an ipod, when you do that, it totally wipes your ipod.  No more music.  I had already downloaded all my purchased music, but most of my stuff I've added from CDs. Unfortunately, I don't have all those CDs anymore. So, I'm sure I'm missing some good stuff.... I need to look into getting ALL my music transferred.

I plan on doing W5D3 tomorrow morning.  I really hope it goes as well it did yesterday.

Sorry no pictures this time, but I was busy with my family, didn't have time to take pictures.  Tomorrow, I promise another rosy-cheeked post-run picture for you guys.